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The Highbank Porcelain Collectors Group

Welcome to the site that celebrates the work and products of the Highbank Porcelain Company from Lochgilphead and its subsequent production from the Coll Pottery in Lewis.

Please feel free to browse the site and its galleries to see more about the company, its history and its products.

If you are listing Highbank items on eBay or similar auction sites then please feel free to reference this site in your advert to help buyers to know the history of the company and its products. Use the following text or similar – To find out more about Highbank Items please visit the Highbank Collectors Group at highbank.org.

If you would like to discuss links from other sites, or reciprocal links, then please contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you straight away.

If you are looking for the Highbank Company Site then please go to www.highbank.co.uk.

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Brooches page created

The number of brooches in the gallery has increased – so there is now a dedicated page for them rather than keep them in the miscellaneous page

Clyde Puffer Photos

Many thanks to Bob Keltie for some great photos of a Clyde Puffer boat – see the boat section under the gallery link.

Animal Product Code List

The Animals Gallery now includes the original product code and description under each photo where we have it.

There is also a searchable table of these – see link under Gallery/Animals tab or click Animal-List.

We hope this is useful to you in order to catalogue your collection.

If you have any others – please let us know using the contact form.

New Brochures Tab

There is a new Brochures tab on the site. It has scans of product catalogues and brochures that we have found. Many thanks to Alison for the 20 page catalogue scan.

Have a look through and see the range that was available during company production.

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