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Animal Product Code List

The Animals Gallery now includes the original product code and description under each photo where we have it.

There is also a searchable table of these – see link under Gallery/Animals tab or click Animal-List.

We hope this is useful to you in order to catalogue your collection.

If you have any others – please let us know using the contact form.

New Brochures Tab

There is a new Brochures tab on the site. It has scans of product catalogues and brochures that we have found. Many thanks to Alison for the 20 page catalogue scan.

Have a look through and see the range that was available during company production.

Artist Initials

We are building up a list of artists initials to be found on Highbank Items – see the list on the backstamps page. We could do with your help in filling in details of the artists. Do you know any of the people who worked there and can help?

Galleries Updated

Hi everyone,

The web-site has been updated this weekend with many new photos in the gallery.

I have also added backstamp 12 – Midton Crafts. Whilst not actually Highbank – it is clear that Midton and Ardfern have a shared history based upon the porcelain type, shape and patterns.

Is there anyone out there who can shed some further light on the shared history so that we can add this to the site?

Many thanks


New Gallery items and backstamp

The Galleries have been updated with more photos and two new Vase galleries have been added.

1. Those with no backstamp. They look to be early items so not sure when they were made

2. Backstamp 11 – which is actually for Ardfern. The vase we have found matches early items but has an Ardfern stamp. We are investigating to see how this relates to Highbank porcelain.

If you have any info please let us know.