Highbank Porcelain Clowns

This is a range of clowns that were made in a larger and smaller size in a variety of poses and colours. They are almost always in a matt finish.

We do have a couple of photos of ones that have a gloss finish.

Click on any one of the thumbnails to see a larger version or to start a slideshow.

If you have any photos of new clowns then please contact us so that we can improve the photographic record of the company’s products. The items shown in these galleries are not for sale – but please look on the for sale page to see if there are any clowns currently available on eBay.

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Large Clown Standing Pink with Saxophone
Small Clown Laying Black Stripes - Gloss Finish
Small Clown Laying Blue Dots
Small Clown Laying Pink Dots
Small Clown Sitting Black Dots
Small Clown Sitting Blue Dots
Small Clown Sitting Pink Dots
Small Clown Standing Blue Dots
Small Clown Standing Pink Dots
Large Clown Laying Black
Large Clown Laying Black Gloss
Large Clown Laying Blue
Large Clown Laying Blue Gloss
Large Clown Laying Green
Large Clown Laying Pink
Large Clown Laying Pink Dots
Large Clown Sitting Black
Large Clown Sitting Black Gloss