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New collector

Hello, I have recently discovered Highbank pottery and I love it! Is there any one active on this page that I could share my finds and questions with.
Kind regards

Galleries Restructured

The Animal and Vases galleries have grown a great deal since the site was started and they were now too large to load quickly and were taking a long time to scroll through. They have now been split into several pages each with smaller focused galleries.

Have a look and see how they now work.

Blue Glazed King Penguins

Many thanks to Heidi who has sent us several photos of penguins – which have been added to the Animal Gallery. There are the Male and Female King Penguins in blue glazed finish (which are not easy to find) and a photo of the large and small black & white penguins showing their relative size.

eBay Listings now removed

eBay has removed the ability to display items for sale using its RSS feed. Thus all ‘for sale’ pages have also been removed as they no longer displayed any listings.

Sorry about this but it is beyond our control.


Glenfiddich Vase

I have recently acquired a vase that has a backstamp of Glenfiddich. It matches the style and shape of early vases made before the Highbank Company took over production.

It thus looks like a marketing item produced for Glenfiddich.

If anyone has any further information on it – please get in touch.


Galleries Updated

All of the galleries have been updated to include the latest items and photos gathered. Many thanks to Vone and Linda for sending through photos of their own items to add.

There are now 932 photos in the gallery and in various locations on the site – so this is becoming a comprehensive view of Highbank production over the years.

Animal Product Code List

The Animals Gallery now includes the original product code and description under each photo where we have it.

There is also a searchable table of these – see link under Gallery/Animals tab or click Animal-List.

We hope this is useful to you in order to catalogue your collection.

If you have any others – please let us know using the contact form.