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New Gallery items and backstamp

The Galleries have been updated with more photos and two new Vase galleries have been added.

1. Those with no backstamp. They look to be early items so not sure when they were made

2. Backstamp 11 – which is actually for Ardfern. The vase we have found matches early items but has an Ardfern stamp. We are investigating to see how this relates to Highbank porcelain.

If you have any info please let us know.


Backstamp – Hens

Hi all,

A new backstamp has been spotted – backstamp 10 Hens – which was found on a mug.

This has been added to the backstamp gallery and a new section added in the Vases and General Porcelain Gallery.

If anyone finds more – please let us know so that we can build up the galleries.



In the Press section added

A new web section has been added – In The Press – found under the “About Highbank” tab – which is building a set of internet references to Highbank Porcelain as it appeared in the press at the time. Again if you know of more – please let us know through the contact us page.

Animal Gallery updated

Hi everyone,

I have added a number of new photos today, and in particular I would like to thank Nancy from the US who sent in a picture of a black scottie dog – which has been added to the Animals page of the gallery.

The home page photo has been changed as I managed to track down another type of display sign – the one with green on it – so that makes 4 different types so far. Anyone know of any other types?

I also came across a PG Tips and World Wildlife Fund display item with an elephant, a dolphin and a panda mounted on a wooden base – new one on me – so have a look in the gallery under ‘animals‘

All the best


Scottish Pottery Sites?

Have come across the site via Google and really good to see sites like this. Being a collector of Scottish Pottery there are only a few sites that give really good info.

Does anyone know of others that I can add to my bookmarks?


Highbank Company Documents loaded

We have been very fortunate to obtain a number of original photographs and documents from the Highbank Company which have been copied and uploaded into galleries on the ‘About Highbank’ ‘Patterns’ and ‘Gallery – Boats” pages. Many thanks to Peter Burrell for these.

Please take a look around.

We have also added a ‘links’ page so if you would like to be included here – just contact us and we will get things moving.