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An article on The Highbank Porcelain Collectors Group was published in the Argyllshire Advertiser on Friday 1st August 2014.

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Argyllshire AdvertiserReferences in the press and on the internet to the company or products are very sparse, but those that we have found are below.

Further south, at Lochgilphead (the administrative headquarters of Argyll) the children can be let loose at the new swimming pool while you explore the factory shop at Highbank Porcelain.

  • In the Highlands and Islands Development Board Annual Report for 1989 – page 11 there is a short reference to Highbank – namely:

3. Oban, Argyll: Highbank Porcelain built on the success of its Lochgilphead manufacturing operation by starting up a second with our assistance in Oban, incorporating a visitor and retail facility.

The document itself can be downloaded from the site  highlands and islands development board annual report

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