Lochgilphead Premises

Below is a photo of the Lochgilphead factory as it looks in 2014. The cream building in the front was the factory.

Again many thanks to Stuart Haddon-Riddoch for the photos and info.

Lochgilphead Factory


Below is a photo taken in 2014 at the Corran Roundabout in Lochgilphead showing the sign to the Highbank Pottery factory that still exists today, despite the pottery having closed quite a while ago.

Lochgilphead Roundabout


The information on staff in the Lochgilphead premises is currently quite sparse, so if you have any further info please get in touch so we can expand this.

Lynda Anderson was the Office Manager

Angela Webster was an artist who was employed in production and also did design work

Sandra McEachern worked for the company for about two years as a painter of the porcelain articles and animals

Christine Munro was a painter – and you can sometimes find the initials CM on the bottom of items.

Below is a photo of staff relaxing outside the factory – any help with identifying everyone would be really appreciated (photo by Peter Burrell)

Staff Outside Pottery