Tom Mackie Animals

Tom Mackie sculpted animal pieces for Highbank from 1993 to 1996.

Below is a list of dates and items produced. These were used to create the moulds for a number of the animals range that the company produced.

Date Item
December 1993 Beluga Whale;   Tawny Owl;     Short Eared Owl;   Heron;   Barn Owl
May 1994 Deer Hind and Calf;   Puffin on rock;   Fox Cub
April 1994 Dolphin and Young;   Penguins ‘Chin Strap’
October 1994 Highland Cow and Calf;   Standing Otter
November 1994 Gannet
December 1994 Orca Whale;   Sheep and Lamb;   Triple Dolphins;   Collie Dog
March 1995 Shark;   Orca Whale small;   Porpoise;   Dolphin small
May 1995 Common Seal
June 1995 4 Cats;   Scottie
August 1995 Westie;   Wolf (detailed);   Puffin small;   Puffin large
September 1995 Twin King Penguins
October 1995 3 baby Seals;   Mother Seal (triple base);   Male Seal (double base);   Dolphin  (mother and twins);   Small Shark.
February 1996 Otter and 2 Cubs
March 1996 Swimming Otter, Swimming Seal
April 1996 Leaping Dolphins
May 1996 Large Shark;   Large Breeching  Orca  Whale;   Small Dolphin;   Small  Leaping Dolphin
August 1996 4 pigs / various;   3 Turtles /various sizes
October 1996 3 Sea Horses small;   Large Otter standing;   Large Dolphin with 2 young
November 1996 Large Penguin and baby

Two others – a Sitting Panda and Walking Panda were also produced – but the date is not certain.

Many thanks to Tom and his wife Isabel for this information.

Tom was born in Edinburgh in 1939 and attended Leith Academy. 
He then served a 5 year apprenticeship, qualifying as a Master mould-maker with A.W. Buchan.

Tom has lived in the Scottish Highlands since 1968 and now lives within the Cairngorm National Park.

He now does his own designs and has them cast in real bronze in a local foundry.

You can find more information on his web site at