The Production Process

All Highbank’s pieces were modelled by their own sculptors, deriving inspiration primarily from Scottish and English wildlife.

After the modelling had been completed, plaster moulds were produced which were used to cast the products using Highbank’s own special porcelain casting slip.

The slip ensures that the full detail of the original sculpture is retained.

The items then went through a fettling process to remove excess moulding material and casting irregularities to ensure a quality product.

They were then biscuit fired to 950°C

All the pieces were then individually hand decorated with ceramic colours using a combination of brushing, spraying and sponging techniques.

Items were then glazed if required

The work then went through a Reduction Firing Process in the kiln to 1220°C to ensure that the quality of the porcelain was everlasting

There are some photos of the production process at the foot of the About Highbank Page